Saturday, June 04, 2005

C. Michael Curtis, Senior Editor of the Atlantic Monthly to host a Wilderness House Lunch

Littleton MA - Wilderness House Literary Retreat continues its tradition by presenting

?Lunch with C. Michael Curtis?

A casual chat over lunch with author and renowned editor C. Michael Curtis. Wilderness House is an exceptional location in which to talk about reading, writing and life over lunch. Bring your favorite stories to read or just come, listen and feast.

C. Michael Curtis edits virtually all Atlantic fiction, the Letters to the Editor, and other pieces. He also screens book-length first serial submissions and most unsolicited stories, which number some 12,000 manuscripts annually. Under his direction The Atlantic Monthly's fiction is nominated for a National Magazine Award virtually every year; in 1988 The Atlantic won this prestigious prize. Year after year short stories from the magazine are chosen for inclusion in the important annual prize collections. Curtis himself was the editor of American Stories: Fiction From The Atlantic Monthly, which was published in 1990. A second volume came out the following year, and 1992 saw the publication of Contemporary New England Stories. A companion volume, Contemporary West Coast Stories, was published in the fall of 1993. A fifth collection, entitled God: Stories, was published in December, 1998, by Houghton Mifflin, and a companion anthology, Faith: Stories, was published in 2003, also by Houghton Mifflin. His own essays, articles, reviews, and poems have been published in The Atlantic, The New Republic, National Review, and Sport, among other periodicals. Curtis is also renowned for his teaching: he has taught creative writing, ethics, grammar, and other subjects for more than thirty years at Harvard, MIT, Cornell, Tufts, Boston University, Bennington, and elsewhere.

Curtis earned a B.A. in English from Cornell in 1956. He came to The Atlantic in 1963 after four years of study toward a Ph.D. in government, also at Cornell. Previously he had worked as a reporter for The Ithaca Journal, and as an editorial assistant at Newsweek. While he was a graduate student, The Atlantic Monthly published three of his poems and employed him briefly as a summer reader.

Curtis lives in Littleton, Massachusetts, with his wife, Elizabeth Cox, a novelist and teacher of creative writing at Duke, Bennington, Michigan, MIT, Boston University, Tufts, and elsewhere.

June 26th from 11 A.M. till 2 P.M.
$25 per person, limited to 20 participants.

The event will take place in Wilderness House, 32 Foster Street, Littleton MA