Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wilderness House Literary Retreat is pleased to present: Hallie Ephron

Hallie Ephron is a mystery novelist, Boston Globe crime fiction book reviewer, and author of the how-to guide about mystery writing that cracks the code. She is also a nominee for the Ellen Nehr Award for Excellence in Mystery Reviewing 2004.

After careers as a teacher, consultant, and marketing copywriter, Hallie tried her hand at writing fiction. She and Donald Davidoff, a neuropsychologist at McLean Hospital, created the fictional forensic neuropsychologist Dr. Peter Zak and investigator Annie Squires. Under the shared pseudonym G. H. Ephron, Hallie and Don have written five series mystery/suspense novels.

Hallie combines writing talent with a love of teaching in her new book, Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel: How to Knock ?Em Dead with Style (Writers Digest Books, 2005). She says, ?Mystery novels are genre fiction. Though there?s no one way to write one, there really are insights that can make the process a whole lot less painful the first time out.?

Hallie grew up in Los Angeles. She is the third of four writing Ephron sisters (Nora, Delia, and Amy) and her parents were screenwriters Henry and Phoebe Ephron who wrote classic movies like The Desk Set and Carousel. She credits genes with giving her the courage to finally get started writing fiction. Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel: How to Knock ?Em Dead with Style by Hallie Ephron

?The best how-to guide I have ever seen-I just wish I could have read it ten years ago.? - Lee Child, New York Times bestselling mystery author

?The Ephron sisters are to this generation what the Bronte sisters were to another.? ? Ramey D?Arcy


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